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Episode 477: All At Once

Awkward on so many levels. Sebastian shook his head. Sure, all their essential parts were covered by blankets. But they were naked. In bed. In someone else’s house. This guy’s childhood vacation home. This guy happened to be the brother of the naked girl. Not that this guy knew that. If he did, he’d look even more shocked by what he’d walked in on than he already was.

"It’s not like you can’t afford a hotel room, Sebastian. Why the hell would you break into our house?" Paul Jordan demanded.

"Our families go way back in the circles, you even dated my sister," Sebastian smoothly replied, as Avalon lay frozen beside him, clearly at a loss for words. He suspected this was really the first time since they’d arrived here that it had hit her whose house this was. And he wouldn’t be surprised by the way she studied Paul, if it was the first time she’d allowed herself to consider that she had a half-brother in the world.

The woman he loved was in no condition to gloss over the truth. A skill that came as easily to Sebastian as walking. "I mentioned to your mother that we had some serious problems to work on, she took pity, and offered us use of this place."

"Great timing. Mom chooses now to loan out this place for the first time," Paul mumbled, roughly scrubbing both hands over his face.

"Look," he finally addressed them. "I’m sorry but I really need you to leave. I have serious problems I need to work on too."

"What problems?" Ava blurted like a reflex, and Sebastian tightened his arm around her, feeling both her longing and her fear to reach out to a virtual stranger who happened to be her brother.

Episode 478: My Saving Grace

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