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Episode 473: Wrong Again?

Lila counted the days on the calendar. Her stomach twisted tighter with each little square. "Too many," she said with a heavy sigh, unaware she wasn’t alone in the kitchen until two strong arms slipped around her waist and his lips nipped at her neck.

He felt so good wrapped around her like that. If only she could freeze time stay in this exact position, kept away from stupidity until she had the ring on her finger that might, hopefully once and for all put an end to her rampant self-sabotage.

"I wish it was today too, yesterday, ten years ago," Bowie said. "I’m sorry somebody grabbed that September date, Lilac."

She hoped like crazy they both wouldn’t be sorry. Especially Bowie. He deserved better. He always had. It had just taken her a long while to see that.

"November isn’t really that far away," he said. "Not when you think about how long it’s taken us to get here."

All her fault. All the breakups. All the broken engagements. All the aborted weddings. Her big fat fault.

"Oh, I went and got fitted for that suit you picked out for me." He turned her to face him, smiling. "Seems a little ridiculous, a waste of my first ever suit, I could freeze my butt off in the park wearing nothing but boxers and no one would notice, they’ll all be too busy staring at the drop-dead gorgeous snow queen bride."

Or glaring at the bride for screwing up again. For breaking his heart again. Not to mention their boys’ hearts, they were excited about the wedding, especially Jess; he’d been through so much. She wouldn’t come out of it in pretty shape either.

She wanted to be Bowie’s wife. But she didn’t quite trust herself to get there. She’d tried so many times and failed. If she could just get it right this once.

Episode 474: Live To Love Another Day

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