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Episode 474: Live To Love Another Day

Curran strode into the florist shop, a man on a mission.

From the way Lila Benson flinched upon first sight of him and hurriedly announced, "Iím here to order the flowers for my wedding. Iím getting married," she appeared to think herself his mission.

"Iím not here to stop you," Curran scoffed.

She didnít appear to hear him, grasping her look-alike youngest boyís hand so tightly the childís wee little voice begged for relief.

"Sorry," Lila told the little one, her voice and her eyes seeming to apologize for a far graver mistake. "You just mean so much to me that I hold on tight."

She looked to Curran then, pleadingly, and at the same time appeared to be pleading with herself too. "Bowie, and I and the boys, weíre in a really good place."

The woman was ridiculously jittery, plainly didnít trust herself or him. Well, she had nothing to worry over on his end. "Iím in a good place too. Iím here to buy flowers for my wife. To celebrate us becoming parents."

Episode 475: Don't Turn Around

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