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Episode 472: Stare At You

Bright morning light spilled into the bedroom glimmering on her long dark hair, kissing her bare shoulders. Sebastian couldnít resist. Not with his eyes. His fingers or his lips.

She was so beautiful. So soft. So much a dream come true. He had to study her. He had to run a finger over her glistening collarbone. Had to take the slightest taste of her upper arm. Just to know she was real.

He hadnít meant to wake her. But once her eyes had fluttered open, and a smile to rival any sunrise greeted him, Bas didnít feel particularly guilty.

"Hi." Her mouth reached up and kissed him. "How long have you been watching me?"

He shrugged. "An hour." He grinned. "Maybe more. Youíre naked. Beside me. Itís a nice way to wake up."

Ava touched his face as reverently as sheíd touched his body throughout the night. "I wish Iíd stayed that night with you." She paused for another kiss, a good indication that the inability to resist was mutual. "This really is nice. I hate that at some point we really are going to have to wake up. I mean, thereís the stuff with your parents and figuring out our careers, and this is my birth momís house-"

"At the moment, those things are all pretty much at the bottom of my to-do list," he said, taking his own pause for a taste of her. "How about you?"

She grinned. "I think I could very easily be persuaded to stay right where I am."

Episode 473: Wrong Again?

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