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Episode 471: Everything In My Heart

A few steps away from him, Avalon hesitated.

The soft blue moonlight, the ocean view, the thick blanket hed spread out. It was so romantic. So much like the night shed shared with him. The first night shed shared with any man.

But she hesitated to move that close to the edge again.

"Trust me," Sebastian said. He held out a hand out to her.

The same way hed held out his hand to her when he first brought her to his favorite secluded place, that cliff, their cliff.

Shed trusted him before. Taken his hand. And hed scared the life out of her. But shed also felt the exhilaration of facing her fear and the safety of his arms.

Avalon slipped her hand into his, joining him right there on the edge, a long drop, no net, no guarantees, one misstep and theyd both freefall, sink like stones.

"No more fear," she told him.

"No more fear," he agreed, pulling her back tight against his front, his fingers gliding slowly, tantalizingly down her arms. "No more regrets. No more running to someone less demanding, less worth the headache and heartache. No more being too damn stubborn to stop you from running straight into a rock stars arms. No more waking up alone."

Ava turned to him. Her body yearning, straining against his. Her eyes touched his. Her fingers caressed his neck. Their lips a breath apart. "No more claiming that being with you meant nothing. It meant everything."

Episode 472: Stare At You

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