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Episode Forty-Seven: Hanging By A Moment

"Would you relax, or at least speak so that I can relax," Sebastian said to Ava as she propped up a menu as a makeshift stockade between herself and the enemy.

Avalon seriously considered lowering herself to his level and bashing him over the head with the menu when their waitress appeared with a pitcher of water. Avaís eyebrows raised as Bas was doused directly over the head and the woman stormed off.

After a long absence, Bas returned mildly damp, his hair darkened and slicked with wet. Ava wouldnít allow herself to look at him for any severe length or- instead she concentrated on dipping each fry methodically in ketchup, taking the occasional peek.

He caught her. "What? So, this means you were right about me all along, doesnít it?

She dabbed her lips with a napkin. "I told you so is kind of tacky, itís more you than me."

Bas nodded and bit angrily into his burger, put it down quickly, picked it up and put it down once more. "Why do you piss me off so much? You donít even know me,"

"I know you," Ava replied staunchly. "Iím the one thing that your money canít buy and it eats you up. You are Eddie Haskell without the subtlety, look at all these dumb things youíve done to get my attention, I bet youíve never opened a book in your life. Oh and I canít very well forget that you nearly allowed me to plummet to my death-"

"Hah, there was no way I would have let you drop and you know it! I bet you didnít know that the first time I saw you it was the only time I thought something existed that was as beautiful as the sunset up on that cliff, of course, you ruined it when you opened your mouth." Sebastian, only at the last second realized the lengths he had surpassed in order to best Ava in an argument and for once in his life he wanted to be the shrinking violet.

Episode Forty-Eight: Look At Me

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