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Episode Forty-Eight: Look At Me

"Quentin must be great in bed," Adria announced as her older sister nearly choked.

"Addy, youíre only fourteen and Iím never going to be old enough for this," Justine answered, shaking her head. "Couldnít I just buy you some milk and chocolate chip cookies, please couldnít you humor me?"

"Iím full from lunch thanks, did you marry Quent because he looks like Jim Morrison, or was it just to make Daddy mad," Adria smiled, while playing with a stir stick.

Justine put her face in her hands, "What is this Adria, trying for the next great rebellion?"

"Ad, sorry Iím late, I hope you ate without-" Katherine stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Justine seated at the table.

Adria rose with a flourish and took her mother by the arm. "You remember Justine, donít you mom? I thought it would be sweet if we all had lunch together, isnít it groovy?"

"No oneís laughing, Addy," Justine commented stiffly, brushing back her hair.

Katherine awkwardly took the seat between her two girls. "You and Quentin are doing well, I hope, though Iím sure Bassie would have-"

"We had a beautiful wedding, it wasnít really traditional since there wasnít anyone to walk me down the aisle, but Quentís mother did the whole borrowed-blue thing," Justine stood and gathered her belongings. "We trust each other- immensely."

Episode Forty-Nine: Sacrifice

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