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Episode Forty-Six: If I Fall

"Why are we stopping?" Ava asked, halfway to Lakeway Academy.

"Thanks to you my whole day is shot, Iím at least going to see the sights," Sebastian said, getting out of the car and then he stopped at her door, tapping on the glass.

Avalon adjusted the strap on her black sundress and followed him part of the way to the cliffís edge. She watched him chillingly scale a boulder right on the precipice.

"Itís nice up here;" she half-shouted to him as she removed a pebble from her sandal. "Iíve never left the city before, itís so quiet, itís almost eerie."

Sebastian laughed at her from up on his perch. "Yeah, well, Iíve always said, there but for the grace of god, Bambi mightíve been Norman Bates. So, why donít you come up here? Itís a much better view."

"Itís nice down here." Ava brushed him off. "We should get going."

He nodded his head as if in agreement, yet this being Sebastian, totally not agreeing at all. "Here, grab my hand, I swear you wonít fall- hey, if I can trust you..."

Ever since that first time he swaggered into the store there was something about him that scared Ava half to death. Then there was this part, the part that was at her house on New Yearís Eve and blotto on the lawn at the party. She found herself dangling over great heights with Sebastianís arms coming from behind, wrapping around her slim waist.

"The water is so-o-o-o, whoa-a-a!" Ava began and felt herself falling forward.

Episode Forty-Seven: Hanging By A Moment

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