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Episode 458: Crash and Burn

Katherine clamped one hand on Phillip’s right shoulder, the other dug into his elbow, maybe part of her concerned he’d take a swing at Quentin, and make matters worse, but mostly to brace herself, because there was no escaping that things would get worse.

They should get worse. Their oldest child had lied to them.

"Why on earth did you do this?" Katherine demanded, her voice cracking. She’d thought they were finally getting close. She’d thought she had her daughter back. Another chance.

But clearly, that wasn’t Justine’s intention. She’d purposely, cruelly dangled out that carrot only to snatch it away.

"What exactly did you hope to accomplish with this charade?" Phillip added, his voice ice cold, yet his hand warmly covered the one Katherine had placed on his elbow. "All you did was work hard, turn those garages into a mint for me, and make them impossible competition for your husband. Whatever your reasoning, it wasn’t sound."

Phillip may be outwardly scoffing, but Katherine knew deep down her husband was hurting as much as she was.

"My judgement was perfectly sound," Justine claimed. "You gave me complete control over those garages and between my business savvy and Quent’s mechanical knowledge we may have made you a fortune, but this afternoon our effort paid off for us too. I sold the garages, and since they are making a mint, the new owner was willing to shutter the garage across from Quent’s. So now we can get back to our life."

"Your sorry excuse for a life," Phillip blustered, vibrating under Katherine’s trembling fingers.

Episode 459: Misery

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