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Episode 459: Misery

"Thereís nothing sorry about a warm, accepting home," Justineís poor excuse for a husband noted, pulling Phillipís eldest daughter even tighter into his greasy embrace.

"That shack of a house wonít be that warm when youíre back to just scraping by on that little garageís earnings," Phillip pointed out to Justine, his voice all but begging her to see reason. "Youíre forgetting how your life there was, the luxuries and opportunities you grew up with, the luxuries and opportunities your daughter deserves to grow up with."

"What she deserves are grandparents concerned about her motherís happiness," Justine fired back, swiping a hand across her eyes.

"Of course weíre concerned," Phillipís wife snapped. He squeezed her hand tighter, understanding his wifeís anger, the feeling of betrayal.

"Your happiness is all we care about," he informed his ungrateful offspring. More than anything, he wanted his children to be happy. "Thatís why it kills us to see you with someone who isnít going anywhere. You were meant to go places, Justine. You knew it when you were only knee-high, remember? You wanted to follow in my footsteps. You wanted to take the reins and Iíve always wanted to give them to you."

"So give them to her Dad," Adria, his youngest, most idealistic child, piped in. "Let her stay on at the company. Invite Quentin to stay for dinner."

Episode 460: Disturbia

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