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Episode 457: Someday Is Tonight

Justine’s father, Phillip Marques laughed. His disbelief that strong. She’d sold her break-up that well, that he firmly believed the truth was a lie. A joke. On Quent. "Not only are you a failure with that third-rate garage of yours, but you’re delusional," Phillip told Justine’s husband. "She’s done with you. You were a mistake and now she’s erased you from her life."

"No, I haven’t," Justine volunteered.

"Well, of course, you share a daughter, that connection is there, like it or not," her father allowed.

"I don’t think that’s what she means," her mom realized in a choked whisper.

"We’re very much together," Justine happily clarified and even happier still, laid her lips on her husband. She hadn’t meant to give her family that much of a public display, just a tender little show of affection to turn her parents’ stomachs. But Quent just tasted so good and it was just such a relief to be out in the open with him again, that she thoroughly sank into him.

Until Justine’s father grabbed her elbow and gave it a firm tug. His voice toggled between restrained frustration and grave concern. "Sweetheart, you don’t want to do this. There’s a reason you left the man, don’t forget that, he hasn’t changed."

"What about the man you’ve been seeing since Halloween?" Her mother put forth, and her father nodded his approval.

If only he’d give them his real approval, none of this would be necessary. As much as she enjoyed getting back at her dad, the whole thing broke her heart too. She cuddled further into Quent’s arm and dropped the bomb. "I never left him. Quent is the masked man from Halloween, the one I’ve been sneaking off with, and into my room all these months. Right under your nose, Dad."

Her father’s eyes narrowed. Her mother’s jaw dropped. Her siblings weren’t surprised by her revelation, but the two of them were definitely interested parties, about to experience a taste of what awaited them, if, or when they ever came clean with their own deceptions.

Episode 458: Crash and Burn

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