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Episode 456: No One Else on Earth

Justine’s father, Phillip, opened the door and in strolled Quentin. His shoulders set square and tall, his chin cocked; exuding the sexy confidence her parents didn’t believe a mere mechanic entitled to.

Justine had seen it in him the moment she first laid eyes on him at his garage; she’d gone weak in the knees. Felt it. Everywhere. She still did. After all these years.

When Quentin walked into a room, her attention immediately went to him. Her entire being thrilled at the sight.

"Has something happened to Tansy?" Justine’s mother, Katherine, asked, plainly concerned for her granddaughter, and plainly accusing Quent. She couldn’t at least give him the credit that he’d be a good father? A person needed a pedigree and numerous degrees for that?

Justine shook her head. Tightly folded her arms. Precisely why it had come to this.

"We should have him banned from coming anywhere near the girl," Phillip said. "If she’s lost or hurt-"

"She’s fine. She’s with my parents," Quentin gruffly replied. "I would never hurt my child." His glance flicked from Justine, to her brother Sebastian, to little sister Adria. "I don’t have your talent for it."

"How dare you walk out into my house and judge me, pretend you have any understanding of where I’m coming from."

"Isn’t that what you’ve always done to me? From day one, you judged me. You didn’t give a damn that your daughter had someone who truly loved her. All you cared about was the size of my bank account and my lack of blueblood. Luckily, your daughter somehow fell far enough from the tree to actually look at people, or I would have lost out on the love of my life."

"You have lost her," Justine’s father scoffed, obviously taking pleasure in his cruelty. "Why do you think we’re all gathered here?" He gestured to her mother, as well as her siblings and their significant others. "We’re here to meet the man in Justine’s life."

"That man would be me," he announced, obviously taking pleasure in every word too.

Episode 457: Someday Is Tonight

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