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Episode 450: Lonely Girl

"Hi," Ava flatly stated from the narrowly cracked doorway.

Sarette took a deep breath of courage and pushed out, "hi, have I caught you at a bad time?"

Do you want me to catch you at all, she wondered, searching her daughter’s beautiful face. She couldn’t offer a traditional mother/daughter relationship. Not without losing her husband and the life, she knew.

And not after she’d given her daughter to another woman, given up her right to that place in Ava’s heart. But after their talk a few weeks ago, after Avalon had actually confided in her, Sarette couldn’t seem to stop hoping for more.

Ava wasn’t sure what to do.

This woman had chosen society life over her. This wasn’t her mom.

She shouldn’t crave her ears. Shouldn’t crave the comfort of her voice and her arms.

Sarette would never replace the mom she’d been blessed with.

So why was she yearning for her the way she yearned for her true mom? Why wasn’t she closing the door? Why wasn’t she telling her it was too late to offer a maternal shoulder now?

Why was she letting the tears come and confessing, "it should be a good time, but it’s not."

Episode 451: The Dance

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