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Episode 451: The Dance

"I hope you don’t mind soup, it’s really the only comfort food I know how to make," Sarette apologized, setting two steaming microwaved bowls of soup on the table. "Though I suppose opening a can doesn’t really count as making food."

She took a seat opposite her daughter, though only the edge. A bundle of nervous energy. Afraid she’d say the wrong thing and this would all be over.

She’d lose these precious moments with her little girl when she’d already lost so many.

"Growing up," Sarette shared, "as pampered as I was, I never learned to cook. But from the looks of your kitchen I’d say someone here does a lot cooking."

She prayed Ava didn’t notice she was fishing for info. She wanted to know anything and everything about Avalon’s life.

"Sebastian was pampered too. He tries sometimes but I do most of the cooking," Ava said absently as she crumbled crackers in her soup. "My mom taught me." Her eyes lifted, revealing nothing. "Does that bother you when I call my mom, Mom?"

"No," Sarette lied. Well, half-lied. It broke her heart and yet at the same time she’d be forever grateful to Mary Lubin for loving her daughter.

They ate their simple lunch in quiet for some time before Ava finally spoke. "If you don’t cook, why did I see you so often when I worked at the grocery store?"

"It gave me an excuse to see you," Sarette replied, though worried things would slide downhill before she had the chance to help Ava through her tears, she steered the conversation. "That’s why I so often bumped into Sebastian there too. I’m not the only one who took any excuse to see you. You two have been dancing around each other for quite a few years now."

"It’s starting to seem like that’s all we’re ever going to do," Ava sighed.

Episode 452: When You Believe

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