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Episode Forty-Five: June Afternoon

"Daddy, I left my workbooks at school, there’s no sense being tutored without them, and besides, I have tennis lessons this afternoon." Adria whined as she floated on her back.

Bas was mocking her poolside for about half a minute until his father suggested that he drive up to the Academy. "I have plans and a five-hour drive is not one of them,"

"He cannot go inside that school, there are girls who stay all summer, and I have enough pressures without having a bunch of them drooling over my brother all fall term." It was an admittedly weak argument but Adria figured she might as well give it a shot to save her vacation from ruins, that sort of thing always worked out for Sebastian.

Avalon walked with her head down as if fearing mortar shells from that very young man as she made her way out the French doors to deliver a message to Phillip.

"Perfect timing, are you working at your other job today?" Phillip asked, half-reading.

"No I have the day off," she replied, trying not to notice Sebastian’s eyes on her. She knew he was waiting for her to slip up, to squeal.

"Adria left behind some books," he began. "Would you mind driving to her school?"

Ava was already shaking her head no, until Phillip upped the ante with double-time. "We could really use that money, but I don’t even have a car."

Phillip nodded to Bas. "There is no way she’s driving my car, no way,"

"I wouldn’t dream of it," his father said, fishing through his wallet and handing his son a platinum card. "Be sure to get her a nice meal, she looks like a refugee."

Episode Forty-Six: If I Fall

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