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Episode 440: Let Me Let Go

Sebastian had given Ava a wide berth from the moment the news came down. She’d needed every inch of space to sort out her emotions. And still she’d sorted nothing.

She hadn’t been certain how to react except for in those first few seconds when she’d thought he’d fatally overdosed or something. But thankfully, that hadn’t been the case. At least not that Ava knew of.

She may never know. That was the stark reality she needed to face, according to Shanti. "Every trail I follow runs cold. This guy Xavier really wants to be lost, Avalon. In my experience when someone wants to be lost that badly, they stay lost," the detective had firmly stated.

The Marques’ were like a bottomless source of cash. If Shanti had wanted to bilk Ava and Sebastian for more money, she could easily have done so. It said volumes about her and the hopelessness of the case that she was bowing out. She’d never have backed out of the job if there was more than a needle in a haystack’s chance of finding Xavier.

She wasn’t going to find him. She wasn’t going to get the chance to start over with him or find closure without a lot of luck. So here she was aimlessly wandering through store after store, for the entire world looking like an indecisive shopper. She had a far greater decision weighing on her mind than green mohair or blue.

What should she do? Wait for him to come home to her? Keep her life in this perpetual hold to gamble on future happiness? Or move on? Fully. Gamble that she wouldn’t break Sebastian’s heart if Xavier did eventually return.

Yep, she thought, no one could detect her inner turmoil, until a familiar voice asked, "Avalon, is everything okay?"

Episode 441: Mrs. Right

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