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Episode 441: Mrs. Right

"I love this house," Justine sighed, snuggled up on the sofa beside him on Valentineís Day.

He pressed a kiss to her temple. "I love having you here. I wish you were always here with me."

"Me too," she sighed again, her eyes misting as they looked around the small living room. "It wonít be much longer though. Then Tansy and I will be living with you permanently. No more Batman masks. No more scrambling out windows."

"It canít end soon enough for me."

"Iím sorry," Adria apologized, laying her script against her chest and gazing at Ryley. They sat side by side in front of the electric hearth, their legs stretched out, the firelight dancing across his handsome redheaded complexion. "This isnít the sexiest Valentineís night so far but I promise it will be later."

She just had to make sure she had these lines down pat for her next class or she wouldnít be able to concentrate the way she wanted to on Ryley. The doubts about her ability persisted, but his sweet constant support was a big confidence booster. She longed to thank him in a deliciously commensurate way. "If itís any consolation you are, by far, my favorite leading man."

He grinned, and picked up on the guyís next line in the script, a marriage proposal. Boy, she thought, listening to his heartfelt delivery, he could act if he wanted to.

When Adria lifted her head to deliver the girlís response she saw a diamond ring glinting in his palm. "Props?"

"Yours," he replied. "I wasnít acting there. Those words may as well have been mine. I truly meant them. Will you marry me, Adria?"

"Of course," she squealed and pressed a kiss to his lips as he slid the ring on her finger. "Iíve wanted this forever, but you didnít."

"I did. I do," the words stretched his grin wider. "I just wanted the time to be right for you. Youíve got more than just me in your life now. And, though itís nowhere near my primary reason, at least this means you wonít by lying to your parents about us being engaged, just about how youíre using their money, maybe one truth will help."

Adria kissed him, then as she always did when he expressed his concern on the subject, she thanked him, and told him there was no reason to worry, everything would work out, his parents would finally see how wrong they were.

Episode 442: Taking Chances

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