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Episode Forty-Four: Up From Under

"Sorry weíre getting such a late start;" Bowie apologized, apprehensively holding open the door to the late-night video rental place. Lila would have stomped a hole in his foot with her stiletto on the way inside.

Fern threw back her head and laughed. "You wouldnít believe how often that I get shushed at movie theatres, I think Iíve been banned, besides, you can cuddle a lot better on a couch."

Bowie swallowed hard and followed her over to the aisle underneath the Traffic poster.

"So," she said, while scanning the rows with her index finger. "Was it really hectic at the store tonight, a lot of last minute barbecue fiestas or something?"

"No, not really," he replied nervously pretending to read the back of a box. "My parents own the place, their hearts sort of set and sail on it. Anyway, theyíre out of town at the moment so the accounting was left in my hands and-"

"And you didnít want to screw them up, Bowie you need to have faith,"

"I canít believe Iím going out with someone who quotes George Michael," he muttered.

"Huh?" Fern asked, she had been wrapped up in the synopsis of a French farce.

"Oh, uh, nothing, how about this one?" Bowie suggested, holding up Gladiator.

"Letís see, hmm, a testosterone fest, yeah, I could get into that, Maximus is my type," she laughed. Bowie immediately offered The Wedding Planner as a second option.

Fern reached up and touched his face. "Who on this horrible earth is responsible for your Chi getting so out of whack? Iíd really want to hurt them if it wouldnít destroy my karma,"

Bowie shrugged his shoulders and took the box to the counter.

Episode Forty-Five: June Afternoon

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