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Episode 436: Overnight Sensation

Justine slapped her hand down to stop the alarm clock, wishing morning would never come. She snuggled in closer to his hot, naked body, pulling him back just as heíd grudgingly shifted to leave her deliciously warm bed.

"Stay a little longer this time," she purred, running a hand through his silky chest hair.

"I wish I didnít have to leave like this every morning," he said, his lips settling on her neck, his hand sliding under the covers, smoothing over her hip. "Leaving you kills me, you know."

"Itís no picnic for me either," Justine assured him, pressing her hands to his jaw, drawing him up to meet her eyes, her lips. "I hate it that I canít just reach out and touch you, and taste you like this whenever I want, for however long I want," she breathily complained between kisses.

"Me too," he huskily agreed and the hunger in their lips, their hands, their bodies, leapt even higher, but a noise, some distant movement down the hallway pulled them apart.

He cursed under his breath.

"Iím sorry," Justine whispered as he jumped into his clothes and she threw her nightie back on.

He pressed a knee onto the bed, taking her face into his hands. "This is crazy. Itís awful," he moaned into one last kiss.

"I know. It wonít be forever though," she promised.

He gave a curt nod and stepped out the window.

"Sorry to wake you, but I have a meeting and Iím out of conditioner, do you-" Justineís mother stopped, spying the tiniest sliver of his retreating frame. "Was that the man from Halloween?"

Justine nodded.

"I understand you wanting your privacy," her mom said, though for all that alleged understanding; she looked and sounded perturbed. "It would have been nice to know youíre seriously seeing someone. It would be nicer still to know the manís name. To get to know him. Is there some reason you feel the need to keep him a complete mystery from us? Is there something about him that we wouldnít-"

"Tansy," she hurriedly blurted. You bet there was something they wouldnít like about him. Everything theyíd never liked about Quentin. "Itís best if itís just between him and me for right now. I donít want her to get confused or attached."

Episode 437: I Stole Your Love

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