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Episode 437: I Stole Your Love

Avalon set their beverages on the coffee table and sank into the fat sofa cushion. A stack of file folders separated her from Sebastian. A blessing. There was only so much close proximity she could handle. That forced mistletoe kiss at Christmas had only added to her confusion. To her cravings. They kept her awake at night.

But thoughts of Xavier kept her awake at night, too. She wondered where he was, if he was okay. She wondered if he thought about her, too. If he regretted leaving. If he still loved her. If he was torn between holding onto the life they’d had, or moving on with someone else.

"Where are you? Have you lost interest in this whole business thing?" Sebastian’s teasing voice pulled Ava out of her own head. "Or is this how it’s going to be? Me doing all the work while you daydream?" He chuckled. "Isn’t that my specialty?"

Ava smiled back at him, though she didn’t feel it inside. Too much guilt.

It wasn’t fair what she was asking of him. Looking into business ventures with him. Living with him like this. Platonically. Reveling in the comfort he offered. Knowing he wanted to give her more. So much more. She shouldn’t be leading him on like this when she couldn’t promise him anything.

What she was doing to Sebastian was as bad as any of the ways he’d hurt her in the past. She was supposed to be a better person than that. He was a better person than that now.

And as a reward for his transformation? There was a possibility he’d receive a broken heart in return. Smashed to bits.

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