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Episode 435: Everything You Want

As a surprise for their anniversary, Ryley rented a chalet at a gorgeous ski resort, though in the two days theyíd been there, neither had made any effort at skiing, and he, for one, wouldnít mind if their remaining two days followed suit.

Even tonight, party night of the year, Ryley was content where he was, with a crackling fire, and snug under a blanket with the woman he loves.

"I canít believe I used to hate New Yearís," Adria quietly confessed.

"Hateís a strong word," Ryley replied, his voice swimming in doubt as he studied her extraordinary face, her beautiful blonde hair flowing over her bare shoulders. "I find it hard to believe you had that many miserable New Yearís eves."

"I guess I had fun hanging out with friends and things like that, but it was never as good as this. And two years ago, I really was miserable." She grinned big. "Until I met you."

Ryley chuckled. "Thatís some revisionist history. I like this version of the story better than the way it really was, Iíll give you that. I wasnít feeling much like a hero when I figured out the next morning that I was your first and you ran out on me."

"I just didnít know then that I had in fact not made a humongous mistake," Addie amended, pausing to kiss him. "But thankfully I eventually realized you were the best one night stand Iíd ever have." She giggled. "And Iím more than happy to keep having one night stands with you. Not only are you cute as can be with your red hair and your freckles and your mouthÖ" Another blood-pumping kiss. "Youíre also so incredibly supportive of me. I hope you know how much that means to me."

Ryley hated to spoil the mood, but heíd hate to see her filled with regret. The thought of her hurting broke his heart. "If you really think deceiving your parents is for the best, Iíll support what youíre doing. But are you sure want to risk never receiving support from them?"

"You worry too much, itís all going to work out," Adria answered, too assuredly.

Episode 436: Overnight Sensation

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