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Episode 432: Merry Merry Christmas

Phillip Marques stepped from his car, beeped his alarm and gave a smirk to the nearly empty garage across the street.

He strolled up the sidewalk, a light snow falling, the air a mix of oil and exhaust as he rounded the corner to another garage brimming with activity. Customers pulling out, driving in, buying snow tires, gifts for the automotive enthusiasts in the family.

His eldest at the helm of a success. He’d thought he should check on her. Now it seemed more a mission for congratulations. And celebration. Clearly, she was ready to put her terrible choice for a first husband behind her. Crush him into the ground.

Phillip stopped a moment for his ringing cell phone. Adria’s number. They hadn’t spoken in some time. She’d chosen acting. And had made more effort at contact than he had. This had to be important.

His blood ran cold. What if something had happened to his littlest girl? How would he live with himself if he’d given away months of time with her? "Hello," he breathlessly answered.

"Hi daddy so um I’ve left acting school to get married Ryley totally understands," Adria said in a single breath. "Can we come for Christmas?"

With that happy conversation behind him, he approached Justine’s office on a high and promptly fell when he walked in on Justine, standing there, a sprig of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, her hands embracing her ex-husband’s shoulders.

"Justine, don’t make this mistake again," he ordered.

"Oh, hey dad," she casually said and used the embrace to give Quentin a shove. "I was just firmly telling him that I’d rather pay overtime than direct customers his way."

Phillip grinned. This was the first and last time he’d need to check on his eldest daughter at work. She was doing just fine. It was beginning to look like a very merry Christmas.

Episode 433: Looking for Christmas

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