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Episode 431: Shock To The System

Bowie headed straight for Curran Gableís house. Straight for the other manís throat the moment he opened the door.

"Have you lost your mind?" Curran choked out as Bowie slammed him against the wall, holding him by his collar.

"Thatíll happen," Bowie sneered, "when a bastard tries to break up your family not once, but twice. Nearly becoming a father wasnít enough to scare you?"

"Bowie!" Lila shouted. She and Curranís wife, Michael, shoved their way in between them, prying them apart.

Lila held Bowieís face in her hands. "Weíre not sleeping together."

"Right," he spit. "Youíre just sneaking around with him for-"

"For you," Curran growled. "You come here, you barge into my home, attack me when Iíve been helping you. My wife has been helping too."

"Weíve been struggling to have a child," Michael explained in a quiet monotone. "When the workday ends itís all you think about. We welcomed the distraction, letting her pick our brains on business so she could surprise you with a solid plan for your stores."

Bowie stood there dumbstruck. It only vaguely registered with him that Michael too had the feeling like a truck had mowed her down. She stood at a distance from her husband. "You slept with her. You nearly had a baby." Her voice broke then. The dams crashed. Tears gushed down her cheeks. "You nearly had a baby with someone else."

Episode 432: Merry Merry Christmas

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