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Episode Forty-Three: What You Need

"Now honey, I’m serious, you’re a young girl you shouldn’t be working two jobs and then come home to look after me all night, I bet you hardly have time to say boo to any of your friends and what about boys?"

"I like brushing your hair and fixing your tea, that’s not work to me and besides, when else would you get the chance to nag me about getting a boyfriend," Ava smiled while laying next to her mother in bed.

"Oh you," Mary Lubin gently scolded her daughter with a pat on the hand. "It’s not nagging; it’s a little motherly hinting that’s all. It wouldn’t hurt to let some nice boy take you to a movie, someone hard working; I’ve always been fond of Bowie,"

"I’ve always liked Bowie too, but he’s never made my heart leap," Ava said.

"Ah, so then there is someone who has given you an experience like that?"

Avalon blushed and changed the subject slightly. "I never had the chance to tell you about the Garden Party,"

"I hope you thanked the Marques’ for inviting you, even if it is a horrible waste of flowers; but I suppose if you have all the money in the world-"

"I helped deliver them to the hospital this morning." Ava replied defensively, then smiled. "Oh, you know what? I bet at least ten women came up admiring my pearls, it was hard not to laugh. Wouldn’t you think they’d know fakes when they see them?"

Episode Forty-Four: Up From Under

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