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Episode 428: Relax

"Adria, youíre bouncing off the walls," her classmate Rebecca noted from her seat on the floor backstage. "Youíd better save some of that energy for your audition."

"Yeah, I know, itís just that Iím super nervous," Adria explained, madly pacing up and down between props and scenery, stepping across Rebeccaís outstretched legs.

Rebecca merely wanted a small role in the schoolís holiday play, so the writer/director in her would have plenty of time to study the behind the scenes goings-on. Adria on the other hand was going for a huge rule, the lead, the male lead, when she was very much a female. Insane. Practically impossible.

She opened the ornate locket at her neck, smiling at Ryley. Heíd given it to her that morning, his way of being with her even though he had to work. "Iím only just rebuilding my confidence in my acting," Adria told Rebecca. "Iím so freaked that Iím aiming too high here, but my boyfriendís a huge believer."

"He sounds like a great guy."

"The best." Addie gave the locket photo a grin and a kiss before snapping it shut.

"Consider me a believer too, Iíve seen you in the workshops, youíre amazing," Rebecca said. "Youíre going to get that part as long as you take a seat, relax, think about something else. Here. I could use someone to proofread this for my playwriting class."

"Iíll try," Adria agreed. She sat beside her new friend. A half hour into reading the script, she gushed, "I have to play this part, Rebecca. You have to cast me in your play."

"This play was just my class project, Adria. Itís not an actual production. I mean, Iíd love it to be someday and I could totally see you in the lead, but thatís just a pipe dream. Iím only a student. I donít have the kind of clout it takes to get my work on stage yet. And I definitely donít have the money."

Episode 429: Looking Like Danger

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