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Episode 429: Looking Like Danger

Ryley hurried home with Adriaís favorite Black Forest cake in one hand, and a bouquet in the other. She must have been listening for him. The door swung open. The most beautiful smile. Thank goodness.

"How did you know thereíd be reason to celebrate?" She asked, setting the flowers and cake on the small table by the door.

"I believe in you," he said. Her smile grew even bigger and she tugged him deeper inside their apartment, tugged him into a warm wet kiss.

"So tell me everything," Ryley said a few minutes later while Adria giddily placed her flowers in a vase.

"Well, at first they were super skeptical when I stepped on the stage and told them I was trying out to play George. They kept insisting that I was confused, that you know, thatís the guyís name, not his wife. So finally, I just started reading and I changed their minds. I changed the whole dynamic of the play. How proud of me, are you?"

"Very," he said and planted another kiss on her. "But I wouldíve been proud of if you hadnít gotten it. It was damn gusty of you to even try."

"Iím not through with gutsy," she announced. "What would you say if I started planning our wedding?"

Ryley wanted her to be his wife, no picture of his future was complete without her, but, "Ad, youíre doing so well, I thought you were going to build up something for yourself first, so that youíre not just my-"

"I am, I am. Sorry, I didnít explain enough, my headís just so spinny, I meant fake plan our wedding and using the money from my parents to fund my friend Rebeccaís play. By the time my parents realize theyíve bankrolled it the money will be spent."

"Adria, your dad did a terrible thing, I hate that they donít support your acting, but at least right now thereís still a possibility of you patching things up. If you deceive them like this, it might cost you that relationship for good and you already miss them. Never mind that your dad is not a guy to get into an eye for eye contest with. I donít want you to get hurt again."

Episode 430: Come Undone

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