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Episode 426: Dirty Dancing

Though thrown together in a hurry, much of the crème de la crème had come out for the Marques’ Halloween Costume Ball to benefit the shelter where Justine had volunteered.

Justine stood off to the side in the glittery white Good Witch costume that her daughter had insisted on her wearing. Mentally calculating the night’s donations along with the whopping number she’d wheedled from her father, Justine managed a smile.

Some definite good was coming out of this situation.

She smiled even wider when one hot Batman approached her, concealed head to toe in black, but for his strong jaw and the most perfect lips she’d ever set eyes on.

"May I have this dance?" He asked, his deep baritone warming her from the inside out.

Justine slipped her gloved hand into his. His strong fingers curled tightly around her, as if he had no desire to let go of her anytime soon.

That felt better than she had any words to express.

Making their way to the dance floor, she saw her brother and Avalon holding up the wall, dressed as the lead couple from Grease, both of them cute as heck, neither of them looking at one another as they should be.

Sebastian appeared lost in thought - likely thoughts of Ava and relationship limbo- until he spied Justine passing by with her dance partner. He sent his sister a questioning, concerned look. Justine sailed him a sly smile.

He grinned his understanding and whispered to Ava. She smiled too.

Episode 427: Irrisistable

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