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Episode 427: Irrisistable

Tansy ran to Justine and her dance partner, the little girl still wearing the furry green suit and red Santa hat sheíd worn trick or treating earlier.

"Isnít it getting well, well past the Grinchís bedtime?" Justineís gorgeous masked Batman asked, crouching to talk to the little darling.

Tansy cupped her hands around her mouth. "Iím not really the Grinch," she whispered. "Iím Grandpa. Heís just lots like the Grinch. And itís not past Grandpaís bedtime, is it?"

As Justine and her Batman shared an uproarious laugh at the childís cunning, and perceptiveness, Mr. Grinch and the Mrs., dressed in a spoilsport suit and gown, joined them.

"Itís so nice to see you smiling, Justine," her mother, Katherine, observed.

"Whatís nice is to see you with the kind of man who attends charity galas like this," her father, Phillip said. "Not some dead-end grease under his nails guy. Do I know your name son? What do you-"

"Please do not talk that way about Quentin in front of Tansy," Justine snapped at her dad.

As he offered a perfunctory apology, her eyes quickly brushed Batman on the way to her daughterís very grumpy face, determined to cheer her, and get her out of the ballroom. "How about Batman and I take you upstairs and read you a story, would you like that?"

Tansyís face lit up again as Justine knew it would the moment the girl jumped into Batmanís arms. He had the best arms.

Episode 428: Relax

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