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Episode 424: Too Soon To Tell

Avalon set a brownie on a plate and poured a small glass of milk, carrying both in to the living room. Tansy was too busy chatting with Avaís cat as if Shelby were a baby doll, to notice Avaís arrival.

Sebastian sat on the carpet with the little girl. Ava was less certain as to his awareness of her. He may have been too focused on the distracting his niece from the events of that night, so hard for such a little one to understand. Or he may been distracted by that other event on the night.

It certainly was on Avaís mind. Though she hated the circumstances, she was grateful for the childís presence. Pleased by the fuss Tansy made once she did see Ava and the snack. For such a little thing, the girl filled a lot of space in the room. This was a relief to Ava. She didnít yet know what she thought about that kiss. What to do. If she and Bas were alone the awkward silence between them would be all the more deafening, the lack of eye contact all the more-

Ava broke from her thoughts at a quick knock at the door and the entrance of Sebastianís brother-in-law.

"Daddy!" Tansy ran into her fatherís welcoming arms. "I thought I wasnít going to see you again tonight. It made me sad."

"You are not to be sad, remember?" Quentin said, somewhat morose himself. "Mommy and Daddy love you; everythingís going to be fine. Now go grab your things, youíre sleeping in your bed tonight. What other people donít know wonít hurt anything." He brushed eyes with Ava and Bas. "Scoot now, itís already well past bed time."

When the little girl tore off down the hall Quentin looked at them both, his arms tightly folded. "How did Justine look?"

"She seemed okay, given the situation," Sebastian replied in a numb voice.

Quent frowned. "The point of all this is to fix things for Justine not to cause more damage. If she looked okay, why do you two look so weird?"

Sebastian and Ava looked at each other for the first time since the kiss. "Itís a weird night, donít you think?" Bas asked. "Who knows what to think or feel or hope for?"

Episode 425: Born To Be My Baby

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