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Episode 425: Born To Be My Baby

Phillip Marques acknowledged the knock at the door of his home office without paying it much attention at all. He didnít even lift his head from his paperwork, not until that beautiful sound fell from her lips and swelled his heart several sizes like that green guy in the Christmas cartoon his granddaughter watched repeatedly, getting a ridiculous jump on the season.

"Daddy?" His oldest asked.

Phillip beamed up at Justine. "Yes, sweetheart," he replied, so contented that he nearly sighed the words. Thrilled to have her back in the fold, away from the husband whoíd never been good enough for his firstborn.

"Do you have time to talk? Itís really important," she said.

"Absolutely. Always time for you." He closed the file in front of him and gestured to the chair opposite his desk.

She took a seat, hesitation in her eyes.

"Whatís on your mind, Justine? Do you need some money? Maybe some time away? Fun in the sun with your little one? Or your mother and I could care for you, if youíd like-"

"No," Justine snapped. Her eyes slammed shut and flashed open. "Sorry. Iím on edge here. Those were nice offers, really, thank you."

"But you have something more serious weighing on your mind," Phillip said, pleased sheíd brought it to him.

"Itís about the garage thatís slowly pushing Quent out of business. I know youíre behind it. I know you own the chain."

Phillip rushed to her side, taking her trembling hand. "I did that for your own good. To show you that when the going getís tough, he doesnít have what it takes to-"

"Iíd like to have complete control of the chain, if you donít mind. I used to be a good businesswoman; you can trust me with this. Quentin," she paused for a hard swallow. "He dumped me. And I want to be the one to ruin him."

Phillip grinned. "Thatís my girl."

Episode 426: Dirty Dancing

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