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Episode Forty-Two: Manic Monday

"Was it fabu? Full of shiny, happy people? I bet Sebastian flirted his pants off with all the pretty debs," Lilaís barrage began the moment Avalon walked through the door.

"I hardly saw him at all," Ava replied stiffly and barely got two steps further.

"Do you think Fern is doing anything on Thursday?" Bowie asked, kind of quietly.

"Could I please have half a minute to catch my breath," Ava snapped.

"Why do you care what that tree person is doing Thursday?" Lila asked fiddling with her star necklace.

"Why does everyone I know have to act like theyíre on a playground 24/7? You know Bowie, Iím not going to pass Fern a note in class- use your telephone and Lila- listen, you probably would have enjoyed the party a lot more than I did but quit blaming me for you not being invited," Avalon stated while meticulously organizing her cash drawer.

"Gosh, someone sure woke up on the meow side of the bed this afternoon." Lila commented, and moved to the back of the store to wile away her hours.

"Should I be training to beat him up? Heís not as scrawny as the Silver Spoons kid, but I think I can take him," Bowie offered, his joking way of asking whatís wrong.

"Leave it alone Bowie, I know you mean well," Ava walked over and placed a hand on her palís shoulder. "Iíve been thinking too much lately, havenít you ever just all of a sudden found that no one lives up to their advertising. I mean look, you mentioned that Silver Spoons kid, now heís a man/boy on NYPD Blue. Everythingís so screwy."

Episode Forty-Three: What You Need

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