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Episode 419: Bleeding Love

Bowie couldn’t believe he was knocking on a door that said, Shanti Lakshmi, Private Investigator. It felt straight out of a noir movie. The kind where the loving fiancé plays the cuckold.

Bowie shook his head. That might not be the case. He might just be paranoid. Yeah, Lila had somewhat reverted to her obsession with money, but she was more mature this go around, more involved with the boys and more devoted to him. He’d thought.

"Come in," the woman on the other side of the door called out and with a deep breath, Bowie went inside.

He took a seat opposite the dark haired woman in her very early twenties and they introduced themselves. "My friend Avalon recommended you."

Shanti took a long sip from a gigantic strawberry milkshake, adjusted her glasses, and then cut straight to it. "Yep, Ava, the one with the runaway fiancé. Tough case. What’s your damage?"

Reluctantly, Bowie filled her in about Lila’s history and her oddly explained absences lately. Though feeling like he was betraying the trust of the girl he’d loved since he was fourteen, Bowie agreed to the lowest-price, bare minimum tailing package.

"I can’t guarantee you’ll like what I find out," Shanti told him so matter-of-factly that it left him even colder than he’d already felt. Bowie nodded and stood to leave.

"Hey," she said, clearly trying for warmth. "I hope it’s not true."

"Yeah, me too."

Episode 420: Perfect

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