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Episode 420: Perfect

"What about adoption?"

It was far from the first time her husband had mentioned the subject in the past couple weeks. Yet it still cut Michael as sharply as the first. She knew he was trying to help. She knew she could love a child that didnít biologically belong to her; it wasnít a question of that. It was just that not being able to conceive felt like a failure, she, the woman whoíd gotten straight Aís in school, one of the most successful PR people in the city, who prided herself on getting everything right, perfect, from her wardrobe to her marriage.

She was failing.

Worse, she felt like she was cheating Curran out of one of lifeís greatest gifts, to see your own eyes reflected back at you. He swore it didnít matter to him. But she couldnít help feeling like one day it would. One day heíd resent her failure.

"Letís try a little longer," she suggested, curling up beside him.

"Itís making you miserable." He frowned, softly caressing her face. "I canít stand it."

"Just think how thrilled Iíll be when it happens. Youíve heard Justine; sheíd nearly given up hope and along came Tansy."

"Justine has a screw loose," Curran pointed out with a grimace. "Iím worried enough about you, please donít compare yourself to her."

Michael frowned at her husband. "She doesnít have a screw loose, sheís just been going through kind of an identity crisis," Michael contended, leaving out the part Curran had played in that by pushing Justine from the grocery store deal. "Thatís not a problem for me. I know what I want. Everything to be perfect. As it should be."

Episode 421: Escapade

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