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Episode 418: Unbeatable

Phillip turned the page to the announcements section of his morning paper, and choked on his coffee when his eyes landed on a small box sans photograph.

"Is the market down?" His wife asked with little interest, firmly tucked in her medical journal.

Phillip folded the paper as he used to as a delivery boy, shooting it the length of the table, landing directly under Katherine’s nose.

"They renewed their vows?" She looked up and shook her head at him "That doesn’t sound like a woman who’s given her husband an ultimatum to shape up into a success or ship out. So much for another of your legendary plans, Phillip. Where do you get those things anyway? The ACME Company? Always guaranteed to blow up in our faces."

"We have Sebastian back," Phillip reminded her. "Besides, how am I supposed to know that our eldest daughter has grown so impractical that she can’t see that her and that child need security."

"At this point, she’s used to living with very little, at least by our standards," Katherine quietly pointed out.

Phillip nodded and the breakfast table settled into a long, heavy silence until Katherine sighed. "Do you suppose her little girl was in the ceremony?"

"Seems likely," Phillip mumbled.

"I bet Justine was a beautiful bride."

"Stunning," he agreed, the image weighing on him. Emotion lowered his voice an octave. "Kath, do you suppose anyone walked her down the aisle?"

Episode 419: Bleeding Love

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