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Episode 417: Luxurious

On her husband’s request, Justine dressed up for dinner, even though they were only celebrating their anniversary in the backyard, their finances too strained by her father’s machinations.

Justine had been so infuriated lately over her parents and her brother, and having to leave the volunteer work that had somewhat fulfilled her to look for part time work that likely wouldn’t fulfill her at all.

The thoughts were so consuming that she’d forgotten their big day until Quent had reminded her at breakfast and apologized for his inability to take her out somewhere. She’d apologized for having a father set on sinking Quent’s beloved garage, not to mention their relationship.

"They said we wouldn’t last, but we have and we will," he’d cheered her.

Still, it aggravated Justine that thanks to her parents, they couldn’t afford to celebrate their marriage in the fashion it deserved. Even her curled hair and prettiest pink dress did little to lift her mood as she entered the backyard.

But that changed the moment she saw Quentin in a suit waiting beneath an altar of wildflowers and her daughter, Tansy, in her favorite yellow dress. The little girl raced up to Justine, handing her a wildflower bouquet.

"What’s all this?" Justine asked.

"It’s your guys’ wedding. Only this time I get to be here," Tansy happily chimed. "I get to be the minister."

Tears filled Justine’s eyes as she gazed over at her husband. "No five star restaurant could’ve topped this."

Quent nodded. "Your dad can take away every penny we have and it won’t matter Just."

Episode 418: Unbeatable

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