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Episode 416: Anytime You Need A Friend

"Can I help you find anything?" Bowie asked a dark haired customer, her back to him.

She turned with a warm smile. "I know my way around this store pretty well."

"Hey, itís great to see you, Av, itís been way too long," Bowie enthused, wrapping his arms around his old friend. "Iíve missed talking to you."

"Iíve missed you too," Ava said and nodded to the self-help books. "Clearly I need a friend." She gave a little laugh. "Donít let me resort to this."

"Definitely not. I could use someone to talk to, too. Just give me a minute and Iíll take my break."

With their ice coffees from the bookstore, they settled on a bench in the park just down the street. "So whatís going on?" He asked.

"Well," she paused for a long sip of coffee. "My fiancť took off and not only do I need the assurance that heís okay, I still have feelings for him. To fund the search for him, Iím pretending to date Sebastian so his father will pay me for doing nothing-which totally goes against my work ethic. And it turns out itís not so hard to pretend to date my ex since I still have feelings for him, too. Oh, and heís so in love with me that heís risking alienating his sisters."

"I guess thereís something to be said for the guy whoís helping you look for the other guy," Bowie suggested, given that Sebastian was the lesser of the two evils. Though aware he wasnít impartial, Bowie added, "But thatís something you have to decide. All I can really say is, be sure youíre sure whoever you choose. Maybe I can help you with the work ethic thing though; anytime you want to grab a shift here, youíre welcome to it. Or if you want the store back or to be partners, I-"

"Thatís a little much for me right now, but yeah, maybe Iíll take a shift, Iíll think about," Ava replied. "So, what did you need to talk about?

"Itís Lila."

"Of course."

"I think she might be cheating again."

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