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Episode 413: Rich Girl

"Itís a hard life, huh?" Sebastian chuckled and savored the taste of his ice cream cone.

Avalon giggled slightly. "Eating ice cream in the middle of the day isnít exactly any job description Iíve ever had."

"Welcome to my world! Before I started waiting tables this was pretty well the most strenuous thing I did all day - well unless you count back to when I used to try to get you to give me the time of day at the market."

"You did make quite a career of that," she said with a wry smile. "I thought you were so arrogant and annoying at first."

"But you grew to love me," he teased. "And look at how itís paying off. Members of the project development team, it has a beautifully vague ring to it, huh? We could spend every day researching ice cream flavors if we wanted to."

"This world of yours is a pretty lovely and delicious place to visit." She frowned though. "But Iím not completely comfortable with it. Like I said, itís not like any job Iíve ever had. It feels wrong to slack off, to play hooky half the day and spend the other half in our offices surfing for news on Xavier. I feel like Iím doing something, I donít know, criminal, I guess."

Sebastian pressed a hand to her cheek. "You have nothing to feel guilty over. My father should buy you all the ice cream and anything else you ever want without you having to lift a finger for it. He owes you for all those smiles he robbed you of. Besides, we met that private investigator this morning; she seemed smart. Before you know it weíll be able to get off the payroll if thatís what you want or you could finally live the easy life you deserve."

Episode 414: Summertime

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