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Episode 414: Summertime

When Avalon and Sebastian returned to the office after their long lazy afternoon of ice cream and sunshine¾a pretty perfect antidote for her guilty conscience¾they decided to call it a day.

Such a beautiful early summer evening prompted them to walk home, even though they now could afford a cab or to stop off at a dealership and put money down.

Maybe the sticky, sweet temperature brought their hands together as they strolled along, a natural impulse for romance that such gorgeous weather tended to inspire.

Ava, however, suspected it had more to do with the two of them than the setting. Plop them down in Siberia and they’d still generate those warm feelings. They’d always been there between even at those moments when they’d been the last thing she wanted.

Greeted by a purr from Shelby, they kicked off their shoes and Avalon suggested, "I could fix us a picnic style dinner for the backyard if you wanted."

"Sure, I’ll just go grab a quick shower then set out a blanket on the grass," Sebastian replied, pressing a quick kiss to her forehead, more like a lover than friendly affection.

It felt so natural though, that he didn’t seem to have noticed he’d done it and Ava couldn’t bring herself to object.

Once alone in the kitchen, she busied her hands with dinner and her thoughts with Xavier, reminding herself that it wouldn’t be fair to Sebastian to let things escalate between them before everything was settled in her heart. With that in mind, she played back the day’s phone messages.

Episode 415: That's The Way Love Goes

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