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Episode Forty-One: Sure

Quentin kissed the top of her head when he flew in the door. "Dinner ready?"

"Charming," Justine answered remotely, wrapped up in a crossword puzzle.

"That was a joke Justine, you know, ha-ha, funny," Quent said, poking through the near empty refrigerator. "Maybe we should go out to eat, what are you in the mood for?"

"Iím in the mood for a five-letter word for a gathering," she mumbled.

"Party," he replied instantly. "Iíll take a quick shower, then we can go,"

"Go where?" She asked tracing the Ďyí several times.

"Am I talking to the wall here? Tradition states that most normal people have an evening meal so I kind of thought a place with food would be-"

"Did you know that today is the Garden Party?" Justine walked to the window. "Right about now my father will ask Samuel to turn on the white twinkling lights."

Her husband ran a frustrated hand through his shaggy seventies hair. "You didnít even want to go last year, remember? You spent the night as my apprentice passing me all the wrong tools, you were driving me nuts-"

"I was convincing you that we could both live in the same world, and I was right," Her face lit up as though a strand of pearls had just been wrapped around her neck.

Quent half-smiled and as he was walking down the hall, muttered "Iím still not sure."

Episode Forty-Two: Manic Monday

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