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Episode 402: Money Changes Everything

Adria wrung her hands. She stood up. She sat down. She stood up again and paced the hallway outside of the auditorium.

She checked her watch. Ten minutes. Ten minutes before it happened again. Before she climbed the stairs and poured her heart out on the stage. In ten minutes sheíd feel incredible. So proud of herself. Her hopes would soar. And then someone would crush them to dust again. Tell her she didnít have the talent to pursue her dream.

Her chest grew so tight that she felt like it would explode. Adria grabbed her purse and jacket and scurried down the hall. She burst from the exit, running for- she wasnít sure where, but hands stopped her, clasping her shoulders.

"Am I too late? Did you already audition? Damn, I wanted to surprise you, you know, be here to support you. Not that you wouldnít be great without my support. It went good, huh?"

Adria looked up, finding so much love in Ryleyís eyes that, though tempted to tell him sheíd auditioned and failed, that sheíd tried to meet his ultimatum - but she couldnít lie to him.

"I chickened out," Adria admitted and tears streamed down her cheeks. "I just canít deal with that again. I canít. It hurts too much. Please," she begged. "If you love me donít ask me to put myself through this. Iím happy just being with you."

"Theyíre not going to reject you," Ryley insisted.

"You canít know that for sure."

"Yes I can. Trust me on this."

"Did you pay them off or something?" Adria frowned yet at the same time felt blessed that he cared so much.

"First of all," he said, brushing his hands over her hair. "Your talent is more than enough to get you into this summer program." She shook her head doubtfully. Ryley grimaced. "Second of all, paying people off isnít my style, itís your fatherís. I donít want to tell you this, but I guess Iíve got no choice. Youíd better sit down."

Episode 403: Emotional Highway

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