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Episode 403: Emotional Highway

Sebastian gave a light knock at the frame of Avalonís bedroom door. She sat on the bed, legs crossed. A big bed sheíd shared with Xavier. Sebastian did the best he could not to think about that.

"Um, we should be at the garden party pretty soon. Youíd better get dressed. Youíll look beautiful in anything," Bas added, unable to resist, rationalizing that at least he hadnít offered to undress her.

"Thanks," Ava said, sending him a slight smile. She didnít move though.

Sebastian sat down next to her. "Is something wrong?" He winced inside. "Does it bother you that much to pretend to be a couple around my parents?"

Ava lightly touched her lips to Basí cheek and his heart somersaulted.

"Itís not a hardship to spend time with you, Sebastian. Youíve been really great these past months."

"Well, so whatís wrong, then?" Sebastian asked, burning to kiss her, touch her, tell her he was more in love with her than ever, but forcing himself to resist.

"The garden party stirs up some tough memories. Xavier and I were about to attend it when he told me about his past, that was a day that brought us incredibly close together." She pushed out a long heavy breath. "And then of course, thereís Sarette Jordan. Sheíll be there. MyÖ biological mom. Something I donít want any part of, and who can tell if she wants any part of me."

Sebastian wrapped his arms around Ava. "Itís gonna be okay. You wonít be alone."

Episode 404: More Than A Memory

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