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Episode 400: Mama's Arms

Phillip slammed down the phone. "Damn it."

"Another rousing success story?" Katherine sneered, pacing the floor of her husbandís home office.

"I really donít need to hear it from you right now, Kath," he grumbled leaning back in his leather chair, washing both hands over his face. "The school administrator, the fund raising department - no one will take my financial gift to keep Adria out of their acting program. I canít believe it!"

"Letís see. Our eldest daughter loved a dead end mechanic more than her trust fund and a high-powered job. Our son chose bussing tables over the lap of luxury with us. Now our youngest would rather be a gypsy. How is it exactly, Phillip, that you canít believe that money wonít fix everything? It obviously hasnít for us."

She shook her head at him. She didnít mean to feel so furious with him, but she had no work now to channel her energies in, no extracurricular lover, so it was all heading his way, she couldnít help it. "Money sure as hell hasnít fixed our family. What happened to weíll be a family again? Isnít that what you told me when I came home? Whereís my family Phillip?"

"I havenít made these decisions alone," he defended himself, and moved to her, gentling an arm around her shoulders. "Iím sorry things havenít been as happy as they should be. But Sebastianís back. He wonít say it, but I know heís thankful that I had that horrible fiance of Avalonís investigated. So we have him, thatís a start."

"What about Justine?"

"That, we have to be patient with, itís not as though I would feel right to just push the man out of her life to get her to back into the fold, thereís a child involved."

"Iím sick of being patient," Katherine said, although there were times sheíd been guilty of barely giving her children a thought, she hadnít required patience, but that was when she had other things going on in her life. "Maybe itís time to accept that Quentinís not as self-possessed and ambitious as weíd like for our daughter to-"

"No. Justine deserves better than for us to support her settling. The same goes for Adria," he said, reading Katherineís next suggestion before she even voiced it. They had been together a long time; she supposed she should be encouraged, if they could survive all their rough spots, surely they could survive rough spots with their kids. "Do you think itís a good idea for her to be an industry where every day you hear another person in rehab, or penniless, faced with countless rejections and associating with the wrong kind of people? Is that a fate we should encourage?"

Episode 401: I Need You

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