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Episode 401: I Need You

Curran flopped into his office chair and scrubbed his face. He’d woken up that morning wanting his wife but he couldn’t have her. It wasn’t the optimum time for them to be together.

He’d gone to work instead. He was a successful businessman. But compared to his wife’s soft curves, he hardly considered a deal any sort of consolation.

What wasn’t optimal was the whole baby making thing. Their lives revolved around it. He couldn’t talk to his wife or touch her without it being about producing a mini version of them.

He was miserable.

And even harder for him, his wife, Michael was miserable too. If he could snap his fingers and give her his child without the hormone injections and the horrible defeats, he would.

But that didn’t seem to be the reality for them.

The best he could do for her at the moment was not risk making things any more miserable than they already were. To not fall into his old pattern, seeking comfort outside of their marriage. In the past he’d always thought if she happened to find out they’d probably survive it, perhaps even be stronger for her finally realizing how much he needed her, but with all the hurt she was now enduring over this conception, he couldn’t risk adding to her wounds.

To that end, the moment his secretary sent Lila Benson into his office, baby bouncing on her hip, he vowed not to be seduced or do any seducing. Regardless of how hungry he was or how well her body had returned to its former glories since birthing the little brat that had almost been his, he would not lay a hand on her.

"Lila, whatever you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place," he insisted.

"But I need you."

Episode 402: Money Changes Everything

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