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Episode 398: Naughty Girl

Lila watched her oldest son lug his lunchbox into school and continued to occupy her parking spot long after her boy disappeared inside. Her youngest sat snug in his carseat in the back, speaking a mile a minute gibberish to his beloved stuffed bunny, paying no attention to his momís battle with her conscience.

Would it really be so wrong?

She dialed the bookstore. "Hey," she said after Bowie answered.

"Hey," he said. "Does this mean youíre not mad at me anymore for being a play it safe cheapskate? That is what you called me the last time you said anything that wasnít to do with the boys, right?" Bowie asked, sounding more than a little hurt and anxious.

"Iím sorry about that. It was an immature way to deal with our differences."

Silence settled in her ear for several seconds before he shakily asked, "What are you thinking is the mature way?"

"I accept that youíre right. We canít just gamble our savings, our boysí futures on the hope that it will give them an even brighter future. We need to play it the safe and responsible way."

Another long bout of silence. "And youíre going to be okay with living that way?"

"Itís whatís best for our relationship, our family." As long as she got what she needed from Curran Gable.

Episode 399: Only Love

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