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Episode 399: Only Love

A tear dripped down her cheek landing alongside another failed pregnancy test. She moved to the sink and splashed water on her face, flushing out as much of the sting as she could.

Michael studied herself in the mirror, only the slightest trace of a wrinkle here and there. She wasn’t by any means over the hill yet. She still had plenty of time to make it happen. She just had to be patient. Her friend Justine had tried and tried. Then it happened. There was no reason to believe it wouldn’t happen for her and Curran.

She came out of the bathroom, shaking her head side to side. Curran was not upset by the news but he immediately went to his wife, wrapping his arms around her.

His feelings still had not changed. He was still not eager to share his wife with a demanding infant - as it was, he had to fight her career for attention - yet he did not feel that much glee in their lack of conceiving.

How could he staring into his wife’s sad eyes?

He loved her more than anyone else in the world. That was why he didn’t wish to share her with her job or even with a beautiful child with her eyes. And that was why he did share her with her job. And why he went along with making a baby he did not want. If it made her happy… And there were certain perks for trying.

"Back to the drawing board," he announced, his lips capturing hers, his hands roaming between them.

Michael took a step back. "I think we should try the scheduling. I have some work I should get done anyway."

She’d mentioned scheduling before, he was no more thrilled by the idea now. Ovulation. Temperature. A million stars would have to align for him to touch his wife. When that was all he ever wanted. Her. All to himself. He’d always believed he looked elsewhere from time to time because he missed her.

Episode 400: Mama's Arms

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