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Episode 392: All You Wanted

Bowie tossed onto his side, trying to fall asleep. There were other things heíd rather do with the woman he loved smelling so sweet beside him in bed, but she hadnít been in the mood for a while and sleeping was a lot better than listening to her moan and sigh in complaint.

Of course sleeping was impossible around a woman who slammed magazine pages as loudly as other people slammed doors. "Lilac," he grumbled, turning back to her and ripping the bridal magazine from her grasp. "There are plenty of women out there who would give anything to have a wedding budget as big as ours."

"If itís so big how come I canít find anything that fits it, if I buy the dress I want then I canít buy the-"

"Why canít we just do the plan you had before? I mean you liked that, even though it was way lower cost than the budget this time. We almost got to the altar with that one."

"But we didnít because the whole world had to stop for a crisis in Princess Ava Land."

"Sheís my friend." Though Lila always behaved jealous enough for anyone to think Ava was competition for his bed. It never ceased to annoy him. "You and I have been dancing around getting married since we were teenagers," he reminded her. "And most of the times itís been canceled by a hell of a lot worse crimes than helping a friend."

"Iíve said Iím sorry and I meant it. I screwed up protecting your friendís interest in the bookstore that you wonít capitalize on everything we deserve."

"Iím protecting our interests too. Iíve been in business that failed for going big, thatís not something Iím willing to risk with two kids and hopefully a wife to support. We have everything we need." Bowie could only pray sheíd recognize that before she turned back into the girl for whom he and the boys were never enough.

Episode 393: Carry Me

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