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Episode 393: Carry Me

"Why are we here?" Ava demanded, staring through the windshield at the Marques estate. "Why would you think Iíd want to come here? Your father is the one who had that article on Xavier published!"

"And he owes you for it," Sebastian answered firmly.

She managed a smile, despite the surroundings. "Thatís a sweet thought, but Xavier is the only one who could bring any sort of slander suit. And besides," her smile vanished. "No amount of money would make up for how your fatherís actions tore up my life."

"We could use the money to get your life back, or get on with it, whatever you want. We can follow up on the online leads and maybe find him; you could talk things out with him. If I ask my dad, heíll give me a job in whatever division I want, and you too, heíll give me anything to have the not so prodigal son back in the family. Weíll make more than we do at the restaurant and be able to flake anytime we need to."

She tried to respond but he held up a hand. "I know youíre going to say that goes against your work ethic, but he owes you Ava."

She linked her fingers through his, tears pooling in her eyes. "But you donít owe me. Youíve been so great to me these past few months, a real friend. I canít ask you to put yourself back into that world of your father trying to control your life. Especially not to find Xavier. I mean, youíre in love with me."

"Thatís why you have to let me do this for you."

Episode 394: All Eyes

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