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Episode 390: Work And Worry

Valentine’s night, the room bathed in moonlight, waiting for his wife to emerge from the bathroom in the slinky slip of nothing he’d given her, Quentin couldn’t concentrate on the moment, anticipate pulling Justine down onto their bed, kissing her everywhere.

He couldn’t focus on anything but that damn garage going up just down the street from his.

"Wow," the dejection in Justine’s voice rocked Quentin from his stupor.

Too late.

Her eyes slammed shut squeezing back tears, arms hugging herself tight as she mumbled, "wow. He looked right through me, not through the nightie. He doesn’t want me anymore."

"I do, I do," Quentin swore, she had enough melancholy swirling around in her head, without thinking that. He rushed from the bed, his lips landing on hers, desperate to show her how wrong she was with a kiss that knocked them both onto the mattress.

"I guess you do want me," Justine said, fitting each word between breathless gulps for air as she lay half on top of him, running her fingers lazily through his chest hair. And smiling.

She didn’t smile nearly enough.

And as if on cue with his morbid thought, the smile vanished.

Episode 391: Better Life

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