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Episode 391: Better Life

"Worried over the garage again?" Justine asked, touching his face.

"Yeah, in a way," Quentin admitted. "I was feeling bad that I couldnít give you the gift I wanted to, having to be careful with our money right now in case they steal all our business."

"They wonít. Everybody knows youíre an amazing mechanic." She kissed him. "And this nightie isnít tacky or trampy. I think itís really pretty, Quent, I donít care how much it cost. Iím not the spoiled rich girl you first met."

"I know," he spoke softly into her eyes. "Iím proud of you for that. But Iím not proud of me that Iíve let you get so sad and lost."

"Thatís not your fault."

"Maybe. I was still hoping to help you out of it. I wanted to sign you up for classes, I thought it might help you figure out whatísÖ missing, I guess."

"Iíd like to figure that out," she said quietly. "I hate that I scare you sometimes with how down on myself I get. And I worry itís affecting Tans."

His head shook. "Sheís great. Youíre a great mom. I wouldnít want anyone else to raise my daughter."

"Thanks." Another kiss. "Youíre a really great dad. And an even better husband."

"Yeah, well, I just really wish I could swing this school thing for you, or something, anything to get you out of your own head when Tans and I canít be home."

"You know how I took our old clothes to the shelter last month?" He nodded. "The director, she kind of sensed I guess that Iím not always in the best headspace and she thought volunteering there might help occupy my mind. Iíve been thinking about it. But I donít know. Itís a pretty depressing place. What if it makes things worse?"

"I think you should do it," Quentin encouraged, not only would it give her somewhere to go and a sense of accomplishment in helping others, but - he cringed inside - itíd prepare her for the worst, get her used to a life where truly you had nothing.

Episode 392: All You Wanted

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