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Episode 389: Thing Called Love

A moneyed life had definite perks that Sebastian missed on a daily basis. Especially when it came to Avalon. Lila and most of the women he’d dated had expected a rich boy like him to shower them with things.

Ava had never expected anything. Still, he wanted to give her everything.

Even now, when he had nothing.

Sebastian wished he had enough money to turn the thermostat up high and stave off the chills she always seemed to feel. He wished he had money to take her to the movies or fill her arms with enough books to keep her mind busy. He wished he had enough money to take her somewhere romantic for Valentine’s Day, to put the smile on her face that her father swore he’d seen looking at Sebastian.

Instead, he settled for a grocery bag with pasta, candles, a bouquet of pink daisies and new toy for Shelby to paw at. He set the bag on the kitchen table. "Hey, Ava," he called out, smiling at her name, a fizz of anticipation at the prospect of maybe a kiss, even a chaste one at the end of the night. "Be prepared to dial for Chinese. I’m taking a stab at making you dinner tonight."

No answer. He waited. Still nothing. She hadn’t said anything about going out. Sebastian’s throat ran dry. Had Xavier come back? Taken her away from- It was what she’d wanted for months now; he shouldn’t begrudge her getting it. Still, he looked for her, with guilty hope of finding her somewhere in the house and he did in front of the computer screen, tears streaming down her face. Someone on a web sight claimed to have seen Xavier. Using.

He closed his eyes a moment. With all his might, he shoved away any intention to be more than a friend to her this Valentine’s day. Tonight she would only be with him out of grief and worry for another man. He wanted her, but not like that.

"I’m going to help you find him," Sebastian said, moving in to kiss the top of her head, hold her as Bowie would. Only when they found Xavier, when they could officially choose between them would it be right to fight for her heart.

Episode 390: Work And Worry

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